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Many of us have faced the question, “Where do you go for a perfect date?”.  There is no right or wrong answer to this age-old inquiry. The sky is the proverbial limit, whether you are planning your first date or celebrating your silver anniversary. In these modern times, we have new traditions that mingle with wise cultures.  We are able to travel abroad, visiting cherished scenic sites while tasting the essence of the region. Favorite foods and delectable desserts are one of the many perks to traveling. Flying to Italy for a beautiful hillside dinner may be a romantic idea, however it may not fit into your weekly itinerary for a Friday night date. Luckily, we have a treasure of worldly charms right around a city corner. The integration of talents and tastes from around the world has graced us with a diverse palate. Below, we have listed a few options that you may find in a nearby city or your own neighborhood, for any occasion from Valentine’s Day to a simple night out. Simplify your date night planning with this list in mind, a few ideas of your own and maybe some pretty roses for a memorable evening.

Authentic Dining

Authentic dining comes in many sizes and cultures. The atmosphere offers a genuine experience and a lasting impression. Traditional seating arrangements, wares and delicious fares have come close to home. Many recipes and dishes from around the world specialize in their own style and spices. The array of options go as far as your taste buds will travel. 

Date Night Details:  Casual to semi casual dress, vibrant ambience

Trendy Dining

Trendy dining options offer an infusion of modernized surroundings and menus. The vibe is usually hip with a millennial appeal. Contemporary and deco approaches often have an artistic cue that makes for an evening outside of the concept of a typical restaurant.

Date Night Details: Semi casual dress to business casual, energetic ambience


Coffee House

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is paired with comfortable seating and plenty of conversation starters. Most Coffee Houses serve pastries or lighter fares. Inviting and familiar surroundings are a great way to meet and greet. There is a poetic theme to a coffee date that offers both comfortability with a bit of charm.

Date Night Details: Casual to dressy, warm and inviting ambience



A Café around the corner offers a delightful menu and a cozy surrounding. The Bistro style creates a generous opportunity to catch up on your week. The Café is great for any time of day with a versatile approach to a friendly scene.

Date Night Details: Casual to dressy, cozy ambience

Love this pic! Always bring flowers on a first date! Bawnk.com

                                            Image: helycharlotte


Casual Diners

Laughter and conversation go hand in hand in a casual diner. The vast menu is set to please your palate from burgers, breakfasts to salads. Most diners are comfortable allowing for endless conversations and a bottomless cup of coffee. Homemade desserts are often showcased for a great place to go after a movie when you are not quite ready to end the evening. 

Date Night Details: Very Casual to dressy, comfortable ambience


Specialty Venues

There are many varieties of specialty dining. The fun atmosphere brings a smile to the table. Dinner and a show or comedy pieces make a great combo. Oldies but Goodies themes are popular and if you really want a laugh you can try the intentionally rude staff found at specific diners or restaurants. These venues are known for making a date night memorable.

Date Night Details: Casual to Dressy (call ahead as some are more formal), adaptable ambience


Local Pubs

Local Pubs will usually offer favorite foods with the drink of your choosing. These laid back scenes have music (sometimes live) and a zest for the night. Socialized settings can take the edge off of the day with a relaxed mood. Check out your neighborhood Pub for special events.

Date Night Details: Very casual to dressy, festive ambience


Creative Spaces      

If you are wanting a date that is creative, look to your surroundings. A small table set with flowers and candles for a rooftop dinner holds an incredible view of the city. Waterfalls, parks and the enchanted cover of the stars create the perfect backdrop for a picnic. You can bring your own music to set the evening. Cooking your own dinner or grabbing takeout has a romantic twist that will definitely impress your guest.

Date Night Details: Very casual to dressy, enchanting ambience


                                                 Image: theoabrand.com

We have reviewed Eight Date spots that will help you create a night to remember. You will take into consideration the ability to dress up or down and the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve. If you are freshly getting acquainted, you may want to consider a quieter surrounding to allow for conversation. If you are looking for a happening vibe there are plenty of venues to choose from. From full course meals to a lighter fare, we are sure you will find the right fit for your plans.

Planning your date night can be both an exciting and a nerve wrecking experience. The key to a successful date isn’t necessarily where you go, it is what you bring to the table. Dressing and planning to impress your guest should include your greatest attribute…… Yourself.  Be true to who you are and enjoy planning your night with confidence. Explore your neck of the woods for promising places and sceneries that will fit your personalities, schedule and wallet. Be adaptable in your plan and remember the details. The weather and area events are important to be aware of.

The evening will be a splendid collage of conversation and collaboration. Dating is not an exact science, however with the right amount of chemistry, you will soon be planning your next date night.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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