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wine and food: the best pairings

Wine is best enjoyed with the right food, as together they can bring out the best of flavours and make you enjoy your meal that much more. Whether you enjoy white, red or rosé, try these pairings below to enjoy your wine like never before.


For the dry white wine lovers, Chardonnays from Australia, Chile or California that have a silky texture are best enjoyed with fatty fish or seafood in a rich sauce. Chardonnay and salmon especially make a good pairing.


Anything sparkling and dry, including Champagne or Spanish cava, underneath has a sweetness to it. This really comes out when you eat anything salty. If you drink brut Champagne with the likes of mixed nuts as an appetizer, you will find your drink becomes super refreshing.

Dry Rosé

Any dry rosé is the perfect pair for a cheesy dish. If you are a cheese lover and a dry rosé lover, this is a faultless combination. There are some cheeses that go better with red and some that go better with white, but dry rosé goes with almost any cheese, making it an effortless match.

Old World Wines

Old world wines go best with old world dishes, meaning they have been paired together for centuries. Old world wines refer to wines that are made in the birthplaces of wine, therefore, from the Middle East and Europe. If you want to truly enjoy both your food and your wine and have a passion for good wine, it may be worth getting involved in wine investment. You can get in touch with a company such as Octavian who has a premium cellarage below the Wiltshire Hills which is full of perfectly matured wines. It’s the perfect place to store a maturing collection, so why not enquire into what they can do for you?


Any of the big, bold red wines such as Shiraz, Malbec or Côtes-du-Rhône taste fabulous paired with sweet or spicy barbeque dishes. Whether you try chicken drumsticks with barbecue sauce or spare ribs, teaming them up with your favourite Shiraz will leave you wanting more.


If both a dish and wine can be described with the same adjectives, they will often work as a pairing. Zinfandel is often described as both rich and rustic, meaning anything such as chicken liver pate, mousse or terrines will work incredibly well with this red.

Sparkling Rosé

Any of your sparkling rosé wines, from cava to Champagne or sparkling wine from California, have both richness and depth of flavour that pair well with a variety of main courses, as well as hors-d'oeuvres. As sparkling rosé teams up well with many dishes, it can be easy to find a pairing that suits you. Why not try a sparkling rosé wine with risotto?

Pinot Noir

As red wine such as Pinot Noir and Dolcetto are full of depth but light-bodied, they go well with any dishes which boast earthy flavours. Any of your favourite recipes that involve truffles or mushrooms would taste delicious paired with a bottle of Pinot Noir.
Next time you are ordering in a restaurant or trying a new dish at home, try a wine that works well with the food for a whole new world of flavours.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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